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VAT representation in Germany

Have you or your company carried out a delivery or other service in Germany, requiring you to register for VAT purposes? WW+KN will take care of your VAT direct identification, your tax representation in Germany and also regular dispatch of VAT advance reports to the German tax authorities. You can send the necessary documents to WW+KN by email, fax or post.

As examples, we will list the following cases in which it may be necessary to register for VAT in Germany:

  • A foreign company has a consignment warehouse in Germany and delivers goods from there to German customers. The foreign company must register for VAT purposes with regard to its German consignment warehouse and prove payment of German VAT for the delivery of goods from this warehouse.

  • A foreign travel agency organises a trip in Germany and appoints subcontractors (e.g. bus companies). The subcontractors will apply the reverse charge procedure with regard to the foreign travel agency, requiring the foreign agency to register for VAT with regard to the German reverse charge turnover.

  • A foreign company imports goods to the European Union via the port in Hamburg and pays German VAT there. From Hamburg the goods are transported to other EU or non-EU countries. With regard to imported and onwards-transported goods, the foreign company must register in Germany for VAT purposes.

Within the context of your tax representation in Germany, WW+KN will complete the following tasks for you:

  • VAT registration of your company with the local tax authorities

  • Applying for a German VAT identification number

  • Completing and sending monthly or quarterly VAT advance reports to the local tax authorities

  • Completing any other reports that may be required (e.g. INTRASTAT)

  • Checking your company's incoming and outgoing invoices to ensure they fulfill German VAT requirements

  • Completing the yearly VAT returns

  • Checking your VAT notices

  • Corresponding with the tax authorities and other financial authorities

If you have more questions or are interested in working with WW+KN, please contact us here. If you would like us to take care of your VAT registration in Germany, we will send you a checklist of required documents. Your contact person for this services are Kerstin Winkler or Matthias Winkler.