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German payroll accounting

Relevant questions

However, tax issues become relevant from the first day of leaving or arriving in Germany. To what extent is the employee subject to national or foreign tax? What are the taxation consequences of net salary agreements? What special conditions apply in the years of moving into and out of the guest country?

Competent advice for international employment

To answer these questions, you and your employees must be able to rely on and trust your selected consultants. We will help you with all your questions regarding taxation and social security handling for your expatriates in Germany and abroad. Our experienced consultants will ensure that your expatriates' tax handling is optimised and competent from the first to the last day of their assignment.

WW+KN gives advice in the area of payroll accounting for German companies and also German subsidiaries of foreign groups of companies, and German places of business for businesses from other states. Beyond this, WW+KN's clients also include foreign companies who have no fixed facilities in Germany but who employ one or more workers in Germany. You are welcome to send us questions on this topic at any time by sending an email to

WW+KN services in the area of Payroll Accounting

As part of payroll accounting, we fulfil the following services for you:

  • Monthly payroll
  • Registration and deregistration of the employees
  • Setting up employer accounts at the health insurers
  • Monitoring annual leave accounts
  • Calculating travel costs
  • Creating statistics such as overall costs, personnel costs, entries and exits etc.
  • Advice on questions coming from the tax office, health insurers and employment office
  • Preparation of payment traffic

We will create an optimum payroll and social security structure for you and your employees.

Do you have questions about Payroll Accounting (Germany)?

Do you have questions about Payroll Accounting in Germany? Please send an email to and we will contact you as quickly as possible.