WW+KN is member of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce

Since the year 2006, WW+KN and the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Milan cooperate in the field  of Value Added Tax (VAT). WW+KN represents Italian customers of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce regarding  VAT issues in Germany and consults  the Chamber on special VAT enquiries. Furthermore, WW+KN is also a member of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The German-Italian Chamber of Commerce is part of the network of 120 German Chambers in foreign countries (Auslandshandelskammer - AHK), which are the representative offices of the German economy abroad. The AHKs are represented in 80 countries worldwide and employ approximately 1,400 people. In addition, the AHKs collaborate with the network of the German Chambers of Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer - IHK). Together, IHKs and AHKs support German customers by establishing new business abroad. The AHKs are specially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft).

Every year the AHK Italy works on approximately 4,000 enquiries by companies, authorities, courts, institutions and organizations from Germany and Italy. Besides, the Chamber consults around 1,200 permanent customers in the areas of VAT refund, debt collection, headhunting or recycling management. Per anno the AHK Italy successfully introduces about 150 German and Italian companies into the target market. At the moment the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce has approximately 600 members; one of the members is WW+KN.

More information is available at: www.ahk-italien.it