Tax and financial planning

Do you want to know what tax payments you must make in Germany if you invest money, become active in business, or work here? WW+KN will create a professional and thorough tax plan for you to help you make decisions. WW+KN will also advise you regarding tax optimisation possibilities in Germany, also including other countries if required.

The tax and business plans we can create for you include the following:

  • Creating tax comparison reports including taxation in Germany compared to taxation in another country (if necessary, we will seek cooperation with foreign partner offices from the Tax Representative Alliance)

  • Creating tax plans for private persons and companies

  • Creating planning invoices for purposes of inheritance tax and gift tax in cases where a foreign person owns assets in Germany

  • Assistance in creating business plans for German branch offices or subsidiary companies

  • Advance calculations of salary costs and tax deductions when you employ staff in Germany

If you have more questions or are interested in working with WW+KN, please contact us here. Your contact person depends on the needed service.