Rooms of WW+KN

Overview WW+KN

Main Office:

Steuerberatungsgesellschaft / Tax Consultants
Im Gewerbepark D75
D-93059 Regensburg (Ratisbon)
Telephone ++49 (0) 941 / 586 13 - 0

Branch Office:

Fritz-Erler-Straße 30
D - 81737 Munich (München)
Telephone ++49 (0) 89 / 60 87 56 - 0

Other Offices:

WW+KN Krinninger Neubert PartG
Tax Consultants and Lawyers
München (Munich)

About WW+KN:

WW+KN is a German tax consultancy with offices in Regensburg and Munich. Altogether, WW+KN employs 13 tax advisors as well as more than 40 other employees. The main services of WW+KN are international tax services, VAT advisory and consulting foreign companies with business activities in Germany.


WW+KN is a member of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA). TRA is an association of international tax experts from many countries.

First Contact:

We will answer your enquiry without delay and make you an individual offer.

Location of the office:

You can find our Regensburg office in the easily accessible Gewerbepark (Industry Park) which houses more than 300 companies such as Siemens, Amazon, AVL and Continental as well as the Reinhausen Machine Factory.

Our office in Munich is near the city center, but we can also agree appointments at the Munich airport.