Outline WW+KN - German tax consultants

Altogether, WW+KN employs 13 professionals (tax advisors, certified experts in international tax law, certified accountants, a lawyer and a barrister) as well as more than 40 other employees. Moreover, WW+KN can access the skills and support of a great number of partner offices in the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) in all significant countries of the world.

Foreign companies with business activities in Germany

WW+KN supports and advises foreign companies, groups of companies, self-employed and private persons with German business activities or other relationships to Germany. As well as the classic services such as payroll and financial accounting, year end and tax return statements, WW+KN also has core skills in these areas: founding of companies in Germany by foreign companies, VAT law, company tax law, international tax law, inheritance tax law, and double taxation agreements.

Five decades of experience and integrity

The origins of the WW+KN office go all the way back into the 1950s, when Josef Seifert founded his accountancy and tax office at the Alter Kornmarkt in Regensburg. He was later followed by Gerhard Wagner in Regensburg in 1979 and then Dr. Udo Kämpf in Munich-Ottobrunn in 1984, both of whom established or continued to build up the offices at their current locations. In 2005, Matthias Winkler and Kerstin Winkler joined the Regensburg office and in 2011, Markus Krinninger and Dr. René Neubert joined the office in Munich-Ottobrunn.

Seminars and publications

The WW+KN office distinguishes itself by an active calendar of seminars and publications. The WW+KN partners continually hold seminars at banks, companies, the Association of German Machine and System Construction or the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for example. A core element at WW+KN are the annual year-end seminars for company managers, where fiscal recommendations for setting up year-end tax reports are presented.

Training and competence

Initial and ongoing training are very important at WW+KN. Once a week in each WW+KN office the internal "Tax Round" takes place where topics like administrative developments in the office, current taxation changes, and special perennial questions. Additionally, each partner and specialised employee has to participate in a certain number of external trainings each year. This ensures that the expertise at WW+KN remains at the highest level. WW+KN's competence has accordingly been recognised and rewarded many times in the past.