German Tax Consultants: Impressions of our consulting team and our rooms

German VAT consulting and planning

VAT can be a burden on a company's finance department if regulations and obligations are not met.

Continual updates and independent advice are valuable help regarding tax payments. WW+KN can support you in minimising sources of errors and simulating tax audits in Germany.

VAT regulations are becoming more and more extensive - with frequent new court decisions, new formalities and registration requirements as well as stricter liabilities and fines. To eliminate financial risks, for example from erroneous calculations and to keep the risks and administrative burden on the company as low as possible, proactive effort is indispensable.

The experienced VAT specialists at WW+KN, cooperating with foreign colleagues in the SBC Global Alliance, are familiar with the special issues of individual industries and will develop tailor-made solutions to optimise VAT in your company. You can also send questions about German VAT to

VAT consulting options at WW+KN

Examples of consulting options at WW+KN include:

  • Advice on questions of handling VAT, both national and international
  • Developing concepts according to your needs, for VAT risk management
  • Training employees
  • Advice and support in fulfilling registration obligations
  • Advice and representation in communication - also in case of dispute - with tax authorities, for example as part of company audits

Support to avoid expensive errors in VAT

The experts at WW+KN can answer questions regarding national and international VAT law. They will explain the handling of individual transactions and show you the optimum structure for your sales.

In cases of assessments, complaints and claims, the experts at WW+KN will provide security for your company and help ensure that justice is done for you.

Checks can also be built in to support legally required or company-internal risk management processes. These range from risk-oriented checklists all the way to simulated audits. These checks include recording and analysing service relationships as well as monitoring the legally required documentation.

Do you have questions about VAT in Germany?

If you have questions about VAT in Germany, it is best to send us an email to We will reply to you as soon as possible.