German Tax Consultants: Impressions of our consulting team and our rooms

Organizing new business

Do you want your company to become active in business in Germany? Are you considering founding a branch or a subsidiary company in Germany? WW+KN will support you in analysing whether your business activities will require you to establish a taxable workplace with a German tax obligation according to a double taxation agreement or according to the German fiscal code.

Beyond this, WW+KN will advise you as to the most beneficial choice of legal entity in Germany, with regard to economics and taxation:

  • Founding a branch office / workplace

  • Founding a subsidiary company as a corporation (GmbH or AG)

  • Founding a subsidiary company in the legal entity of a private company (KG, OHG, GbR)

WW+KN will support you in opening a bank account in Germany, in carrying out the necessary legal formalities together with a notary or lawyer, and in registering your workplace or subsidiary with the authorities. You can depend on the services of WW+KN and begin work with a completely set up business entity in Germany.

If you wish, WW+KN will also support you in the following areas:

  • Hiring new employees (determining a typical salary, tax-related content in the employment contracts, etc.)

  • Advice on making company and business contracts (possibly together with a lawyer)

  • Representing your interests in Germany by accepting an appropriate power of attorney (e.g. for opening a bank account, for representation to the authorities, and to make contracts)

  • Support in selecting a location, renting business premises, and making contact with local authorities, decision-makers and companies

If you have more questions or are interested in working with WW+KN, please contact us here. Please tell us what business activities you would like to develop in Germany, the current status of your business activities in Germany, and what business activities you plan for the future in Germany. Your contact persons is Matthias Winkler.