Matthias Winkler

Master of Fiscal Affairs (Dipl.-Finw. FH), Tax Advisor, Chartered Advisor for international Tax Law

Matthias Winkler


since 2018
certificate of the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse AG) as “qualified member of the supervisory board” (“Qualifizierter Aufsichtsrat”, German Corporate Governance Codex, sec. 5.4.5.)

since 2018
Member of the supervisory board of KRONES AG

since 2009
Chartered Expert Advisor for international Tax Law

since 2005
WW+KN (till 2013: SH+C): Tax Advisor, managing partner

from 2000
KPMG-group: Tax Advisor, tax department

from 1997
Bavarian Fiscal Authority: Tax Auditor


  • Business set-up in Germany
  • Company formation in Germany
    German VAT registration and VAT consulting
  • German tax, financial and payroll accounting for foreign companies and reporting for German subsidiaries
  • International tax law
  • Double Taxation Agreement Law
  • Inheritance and gift tax