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German income tax returns

Have you worked in Germany as an employee and now you want to apply tax-deductible income-related expenses as part of your income tax return?

WW+KN supports non-German speakers who are liable for tax, promptly and reliably, in the creation of their German income tax returns.

Our Services

Correspondence and communication is exclusively in English, so that the situations and regulations can be explained and coordinated in a way that can be understood. If the following information does not answer your questions, we welcome your email to

We will complete the following items for you and/or advise you on the following aspects:

  • Creating your income tax return for working in Germany
  • Creating your income tax return for your property that you rent out in Germany
  • Creating your income tax return for your freelance work
  • Coordination of items that can be deducted from tax
  • Checking cases of double accounting
  • Checking tax advantages for your spouse and children
  • Checking taxation on income outside of Germany
  • Checking the situation according to current double taxation agreements

WW+KN checks your tax assessment

If you wish, the tax office will send all notices directly to WW+KN. Here we will check the assessments. If the tax office has deviated from your income tax return, or if there are other conditions, we can lodge a legal appeal for you immediately and within the required period. In this way your tax interests will always be preserved.

Do you have questions about the income tax return?

Do you have any questions about the German income tax return? Are you thinking about hiring a tax adviser? Do you want to know what your income tax return would cost? Would you like a Skype call to clarify your tax questions? Yes? Then please contact us. It is best to send an email to and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.