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WW+KN-Inhouse-Seminar about changes in the wage tax law

With Thomas Leibrecht from the Leibrecht-Consulting KG WW+KN won anexperienced referee for wage tax law and social security law for the third time.During an Inhouse-Seminar in the training course room of WW+KN in Regensburg,Mister Leibrecht explained the most important changes in the German wage tax lawand social security law as well as especially the changes in the law on travelexpenses to the turn of the year 2013/14.

Thomas Leibrecht from

Thomas Leibrecht explained the changes in the wage tax law, whichwere caused by many government decisions and administrative directives in 2013.The most differences has been implemented in the law of travel expenses sincethe 1. January 2014. Also several other changes in the social security law andat the taxation of company cars were done.

Around 20 people of the WW+KN tax consulting team attended theInhouse-Seminar. Every week in every WW+KN office there is a so-called "taxround", attended by all consulting staff. In the tax round new tax developmentsare introduced and organization aspects are discussed by the team. Beside thetax round WW+KN invites some external referees for special Inhouse-Seminar aboutcurrent tax topics per year.

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Article from: 03.02.2014