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WW+KN gave a lecture at German-Slovenian AHK

At the autumn-conference of the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) in Ljubljana WW+KN-managing partner Matthias Winkler gave a lecture about the tax obligations of Slovenian companies who are acting in Germany. More than 50 people from companies all over Slovenia came to the conference.

Under the title "market entry Germany" the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce invited to their autumn-conference in the Austria-Trend-Hotel in Ljubljana. The conference was opened by AHK-manager Gertrud Rantzen, who explained the important business relations between Slovenia and Germany. Also the German ambassador in Slovenia, Dr. Anna Prinz, referred to the fact that Germany is the most important foreign trade partner of Slovenia.

WW+KN-managing partner and German tax advisor Matthias Winkler gave a lecture about the tax obligations of Slovenian companies and their employees who are acting in Germany. Especially we explained the various options for Slovenian companies to do business in Germany. From distance sales over a permanent establishment according to the double taxation agreement till the formation of a German company there are several alternatives for doing business in Germany.

Therefore WW+KN-tax expert Winkler showed the rules of the double taxation agreement (DTA) between Slovenia and Germany. According to the DTA there is always a German permanent establishment, if a construction site or a montage takes longer than 12 months in Germany. A German permanent establishment also leads in a German taxation right and also for the employees in Germany taxes must be paid. Many Slovenian construction companies do not know these rules and are surprised after getting a letter with a tax assessment note by the German tax authorities. So Winkler recommended all Slovenian companies to inform about the German rules before doing business there.

More information is available on the website of the AHK

The presentation of the lecture can be downloaded on our German website

Article from: 15.11.2013