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WW+KN at TRA meeting in Paris

Inside the European Union cross-border VAT questions are more and more important. Today nearly every German company has business connections to other countries. This development has increased in the last years rapidly. Therefore also the VAT consulting gets always more importance at WW+KN.

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In order to get competent partner offices in other EU countries, WW+KN joined the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) some months ago. TRA is the alliance of VAT specialized consultancies from ten European countries. For example there are still TRA members in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. "Ten more members are the aim for 2013", Corinne Maure said on the annual TRA meeting in March in Paris. Corinne Maure is partner of French TRA-member LRF and first president of TRA.

The first annual meeting of TRA in Paris were attended by more than 20 people from the ten member firms. Also the WW+KN VAT specialists Birgit Kapp and Cornelia Moser attended the meeting. Cornelia Moser presented WW+KN and its services. WW+KN managing partner Matthias Winkler was elected as Vice president of TRA. WW+KN will also hold the next TRA meeting in Bavaria in 2014.

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Article from: 13.03.2013