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WW+KN at bilateral tax advisors conference in Praha

At a private organized bilateral taxadvisors conference of international orientated German and Czech tax advisors inPraha also WW+KN were represented. Germany and the Czech Republic are regionalcounterparts with many business relationships. While the industry built manycontacts between both countries in the last years, there is nearly no exchangeor cooperation between tax advisors form both countries. So the aim to two Czechtax consultancies it is to improve the contacts between colleagues on both sidesof the border.

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"From our Regensburg office it is only adistance of 60 kilometers to the Czech border, but it seems we have more muchmore contacts to the UK than to our Eastern neighbors", WW+KN managing partnerMatthias Winkler said. He added, "The bilateral meeting is a good chance for usto learn more about the Czech tax system and the colleagues there". 11 taxconsultancies from Germany and the Czech Republic took the chance to participatein the meeting. Tax advisors from both countries explained their tax system andhow to work with the national tax authorities.

WW+KN presented also its history, partnersand services at the conference. "We realized that especially VAT affairs andwithholding taxes for construction-services are the main tax problems of Czechcompanies doing business in Germany", Winkler said. WW+KN has an internationaltax team, focused on handling VAT affairs and international tax affairs forforeign companies in Germany. WW+KN also applies for exemption certificates forconstruction companies from withholding taxes in Germany(Freistellungsbescheinigung von der Bauabzugsteuer) and is the German VATrepresentative of firms from all over the world. As a member of the TaxRepresentative Alliance (TRA) WW+KN also access to many reliable colleagues inseveral countries of the world.

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Article from: 13.02.2014