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Tax Advisor Magazine reports about SH+C

Gerhard Wagner (SH+C) and Helmut Gerstberger (GERNEP) in front of a labelling machine during the interview with the 'Steuerberater-Magazin´

A leadingGerman Tax Advisor Magazine, the 'Steuerberater-Magazin' of the nwbpublishing house, reported in theissue 04/2011 about SH+C. A reporter of the magazin, Claas Beckmann, came for an interview with the two SH+C partners Gerhard Wagner und MatthiasWinkler to Regensburg. Also the in Barbing near Regensburg located labellingmachine construction company GERNEP wasvisited.

Of interest forthe 'Steuerberater-Magazin' was thecross-border cooperation of SH+C regardingit´s AGN International membership. Thetwo shareholders of the GERNEP GmbH, HelmutGerstberger and BertholdNeppel, explained the advantages forthem by the international membership of their tax advisor SH+C. In view of the fact that the most GERNEP machines areexported to other countries, there are always international tax questions at thebeginning. All question were answered bySH+C and the international AGN partners of SH+C.

Matthias Winkler (SH+C) and Berthold Neppel (GERNEP)

In theRegensburg office of SH+C the two tax advisors Gerhard Wagner and Matthias Winkler shows the importance of international contacts for amedium-sized tax consulting and auditing firm. Nearly every medium-sized client has internationalcontacts and cross-border business nowadays. In this context, the clients expecta professional international tax service by their tax advisor. This was the reason why SH+C made the decision to be amember of AGN International several years before.

The'Steuerberater-Magazin' is a professional journal for German taxadvisors. The magazine has an issue with11,000 copies.

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Article from: 09.02.2011