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SH+C visits French tax advisors

The consulting service of value-added tax (VAT) purposes withindifferent countries is a main focus at SH+C. The SH-C experts MatthiasWinkler and Birgit Kapp met French tax advisors in Paris to expand theEuropean contacts in this area of expertise.

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SH+C has over 200 foreign permanent clients with payments concerningGerman value added-tax. For example foreign Amazon-dealers, who supplytheir customers over the German Amazon-warehouse or they passed thedelivery threshold with their direct shipments. Also foreign companieswith consignment warehouses or organizer of conferences get advice invalue added-tax issues from SH+C.

Therefore the exchange in cross-border value added-tax questions isgetting more and more important and SH+C was already looking forcooperation and networking with specialized tax offices in otherEuropean countries. For this reason the contact to the French tax officeLa Représentation Fiscale in Neuilly-Sur-Seine next to Paris began. LaReprésentation Fiscale is specialized in the value added-tax consultingof foreign clients in France since the year 1963. In the context of themeeting the tax advisors compared the VAT-System in France and inGermany. The French tax office plans to create a European VAT-network ofspecialists and SH+C will be the partner office for Germany.

Further information about La Représentation Fiscale you can get on the website

Article from: 02.08.2012