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SH+C supports center for handicapped persons

At the end of July SH+C supported the RegensburgPater-Rupert-Mayer-Center with a donation at the 2nd BNI exhibitionfor Eastern Bavaria. ThePater-Rupert-Mayer-Center(PRMZ) is a private educational institution forhelping handicappedchildren, young persons and young adults. The center ismanaged andfinanced by the Roman-Catholic diocese of Regensburg.

SH+C participated in the exhibition of the EasternBavarianBNI-Chapters in the PRMZ. The revenues of the exhibition were inured to the benefit of the PRMZ. BNI is the abbreviation of Business Network International, an international network of entrepreneurs and companies.SH+C hasbeen a part of the Regensburg BNI-Chapter "MatthaeusRuntinger" since2009.

SH+C managing partner Matthias Winkler moderated theintroductionsession of the exhibitors and moderated the events in theafternoon. Inthe evening the extreme sport athlete Joey Kelly, well-known forhislast trip to the South Pole, came to the exhibition and held a speechwiththe title "No Limits - the will is able to movemountains".

The photos below were provided by photograph Tanja Froehlich of Mail Boxes Etc. in Regensburg (

Article from: 26.07.2011