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SH+C made donation to Children's Fund

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Also thisyear SH+C made a donation to the ChristmasChildren´s Fund of the city ofRegensburg. In this year the name of thecampaign is "Children-tree - Regensburghelps". Intention of thecampaign is that every child in Regensburg gets aChristmas present.

For many children aChristmas present is naturally. But also in a richtown like Regensburg thereare some children, whose parents have nomoney for presents, or also children,who have no parents. Especiallyfor these children the campaign "Children-tree"was initiated.

The Children-treeis a very special kind of Christmas-tree. TheChildren-tree is from thebeginning of the Christmas time in thecityhall of Regensburg and every poorchild can label a Christmas treeball with its Christmas wish. These wishes werefulfilled by the cityof Regensburg, paid by the donations of regional companiesandcitizens.

Article from: 04.12.2012