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Matthias Winkler gets Business Oscar

In the last weeklymeeting of the Regensburg BNI Chapter 'Matthäus Runtinger' SH+C partner Matthias Winkler got the BusinessOscar for the best 'ElevatorPitch'. With the Elevator Pitch every BNI memberpresents his firm in 60 seconds.

Matthias Winkler gets
the 'Oscar'

Matthias Winkler presentsSH+C as medium-sized tax advisoryoffice with international experience and professional staff in a humorousway. For this presentation he got theBusiness Oscar.

BNI is the abbreviation ofBusiness Network International. BNI claims to be the world´s largest referralorganization. The company was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ivan Misner. Each chapterallows one person per occupational classification, and prospective members mustbe approved via an application process. BNI is in 40 countries around the worldwith more than 5,300 chapter and more than 110,000 members. Since the beginningof 2009 SH+C is founding member of the Regensburg BNI chapter "MatthäusRuntinger". There are three BNI chapter in the Regensburgregion.

Article from: 12.01.2011