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Magazine "SteuerConsultant" reports about SH+C

The Magazine "SteuerConsultant" reported in itsissue6/2011 about the German AGN member firm SH+C. "SteuerConsultant"is one of theleading magazines for tax advisors and auditors inGermany and published by thepublishing house HAUFE. The edition of themagazine are several thousand copies,which are sold in Germany,Austria and Switzerland. SH+C was chosen asan interview partner inview of its numerous publications and its several timesapproved levelof quality.

Under the headline "Doppelt gekuemmert haeltbesser"the journalist Petra Uhe analyzed the theme "client loyalty" intaxconsultancies. SH+C-partner and tax advisor Matthias Winklerinformed about themeasures of SH+C regarding customer loyalty. Winkleralso explained the SH+Csystematic of client classification(ABC-analysis). Moreover he informed aboutthe concrect activities ofSH+C regarding client loyalty and refers to themonthly SH+Cnewsletter, which is in the layout of a magazine, the quarterlyspecialnewsletter for some branches like mediciners and special client workshops. "But the most important tool of perfect client loyalty is the personal contact with the client", Winkler summarized.

"Wetry to give our clients always an added value byour services", Winklerexplained further. In this context SH+C sends with everymanagementanalysis a short report with the details and any options to theclient."Every client should get an overview within seconds", Winkler said.WithA-clients every responsible SH+C-partner tries to make at leastone annualappointment for a dinner or an evening event. With theseactivities the mostSH+C clients are consulted by the office for manyyears, some of them for somedecades.

The article is availabe via thislink.

Article from: 04.06.2011